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More Wii Successor Details

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nintendo-logoMore rumors concerning the Wii successor (aka Project Cafe) were revealed today.

According to Kotaku, the new Nintendo console will feature the following:

  • 8 GB on-board flash for game saves and content
  • Support 25GB optical discs
  • Backwards compatible with Wii controllers
  • Allow save to SD cards as well
  • Controller will feature a screen
    • Can act a standard controller
    • Display inventory, map or other tertiary information
    • Stream entire game outputs onto the controller within an unspecified range

So far it sounds a bit quirky with the whole screen on controller thing, but everything else doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibility. Nintendo loves flash memory and backward’s compatibility with a previous generation’s controller already happened with the Nintendo Wii.

The only real curiosity is whether or not Nintendo will be sporting Blu-ray or their own proprietary 25GB disc.

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