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Some Windows Facts & Rumors

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windows-logoI’ve discovered/encountered/read some Windows related rumors which I believe may be of importance.

Windows 8 RTM in April 2012

The latest rumors surrounding Windows 8 pegs the “Release to Manufacturing” build for release sometime in April of 2012. This will give Microsoft and its partners plenty of time to develop hardware around the latest Windows build and release it for the back-to-school rush and holiday season.

I can see it happening, but I’m not yet excited for Windows 8 as a desktop OS yet. As a tablet or touch driven OS? Very much so. However, there’s plenty of time for Microsoft to show off what else they have in store.

You Can Install SCE 2010 & SCCM 2012 Beta on Windows SBS 2011 Essentials

I don’t know how many of you out there will do such a thing, but I thought I’d should share this piece of info since Microsoft doesn’t explicitly state it on their “minimum requirement” pages.

In an effort to learn more about Microsoft’s software application distribution systems, I’ve taken the opportunity test out and plan a deployment of Windows SBS 2011 on my home network.

I will be sharing more info on this little project as soon as I have the bandwidth to proceed with this “crazy idea”.

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