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Battlefield 3 Not Coming To Steam Anytime Soon

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ea-logo.pngEA and Steam are having a spat over how downloadable content is delivered to players and thus Battlefield 3 may not appear on Valve’s service.

I’m fine with that because I’m getting it on the PlayStation 3. But I’d also be fine with downloading it from Origin.com because I’m not a crazy person.

There’s no download limit anymore and I have no problems with EA’s client interface or service. In fact, I’ve had nothing, but great service from EA. Have you tried their customer service chat? It’s amazing.

I simply don’t understand the affinity people have with online stores. It’s like a being die hard Canadian Tire shopper. Do those still exist? And if they do, are they over 65 years old? These Steam only buyers sound like a bunch of old fogies.

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