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FYI: Wii Redesign, Diablo to Consoles & More

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  • Wii Redesign Coming Before Christmas (via Official Nintendo Magazine UK)
    • Removed GameCube backwards compatibility & ports
  • Blizzard is serious about bringing Diablo to consoles (via EuroGamer)
    • Blizzard assembling console team
    • More details to come
  • Mac OS X 10.7.1 update fixes a handful of issues (via Apple)


Some redesign. They made it horizontal friendly by rotating the logo and removed a feature that was barely used. I guess every dollar counts when it comes to Nintendo. Especially after the surprise price cut of the Nintendo 3DS.

Diablo to consoles makes a lot of sense. Will it be Diablo III? I don’t see why not, but Blizzard didn’t confirm anything, so it could be a modified experience. Apparently Torchlight works well with a controller and I honestly cannot see why it wouldn’t work. It may not allow the quickest reactions, but it’s not like playing an RTS.

I don’t think anyone is expecting Diablo to be on consoles day and date with the Diablo III on PC, so don’t fret over that crazy Diablo fans.

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