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Product Refresh of the Day: Apple iPhone 4S

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apple-logo.pngI think it’s time we stop entertaining the idea that Chinese case manufacturers have a clue what the next Apple device will look like. They’re currently 0 – 2 since the iPad 2 speculation began.

Apple follows up last year’s iPhone 4 like how they followed up the iPhone 3G — with an S model. A faster iPhone 4 dubbed the iPhone 4S will sport a dual-core A5 processor, an 8 MP camera with 1080p video support and a revised antenna. It’ll look no different than the iPhone 4 aside from that little S beside the logo on the back.

It’s not a bad upgrade, but for those with last year’s model aren’t going to look at them with the envy 3GS owners did when the 4 debuted.

But if you want to hear Apple employees spell out the virtues of their latest product refresh, head over to their website.

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