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iOS Bringing Back The Lego Fun

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I loved Lego when I was younger. And if I had the the time and space to revisit some of my Lego collections, I would. Since I don’t have the drive to build a space monorail or castle, I would settle for a simple game.

In fact, I’d get the Life of George LEGO set for $34.99 for Canadians. Unfortunately it ends up being closer to the $50 price point after taxes, shipping and all that nonsense. For that $50, you get a selection Lego pieces and a piece of paper with dots on it. Ridiculous, but with the free iOS app, the game looks entertaining.

The idea behind it is neat. Using an iOS device as the referee and scorekeeper to track the mundane tasks allows us all to focus on the heart of the matter which happens to be building fishes out of Lego.

I’ll pick this up for $30 or less.

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