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AMD Not Competing Against Intel Anymore

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intel_logo.pngAccording to some comments made to the Mercury News, AMD is steering itself away from their life long battle against Intel. Instead? They’ll be focusing on the mobile computing market where there’s already stiff competition.

That saddens me despite the fact that I haven’t purchased an AMD processor since the Athlon 64 X2 days. Those were the days that AMD gave Intel a good whoopin’ on the performance per watt and performance per clock charts.

Since those glory days and the Intel Core 2 Duo’s introduction, AMD has been struggling to keep up with Intel. Even their much hyped “Bulldozer” architecture was a relative bust.

This may be great news for Intel, but for consumers? They should a bit worried. AMD was the best thing to happen to Intel because without green team’s efforts, Intel wouldn’t have been pushed towards greatness with the Core 2 Duo.

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