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GiantBomb’s 2011 Game of the Year

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giantbomb-logoThis year I am more appreciative for GiantBomb’s Game of the Year deliberation podcasts than ever. Since I’m working this holiday with nothing more than stupid problems to solve, these podcasts are sanity saving pieces of audio entertainment.

Or so I thought. There are some odd selections this year with some flimsy arguments being made to justify them. I best not go down this path because then this whole Whiskey Media admiration will just come crashing down. And that would really suck since I did plop down some cash for a Premium Membership late last month.

Making up for the head scratching podcasts are these excellent videos by each of the editors that remind us how awesome full motion video in games were back in the day. Vinny’s is pretty awesome:

Afterwards, you get to watch them re-visit The Witcher 2 which I didn’t watch because I want to play The Witcher 2.

There’s still a couple of days left before they unveil their Game of the Year and even though the actual deliberations haven’t been the most thought provoking discussions, I am still entertained.

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