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CES 2012: Year of the 55″ OLED HDTV

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That’s a lot of screen.

I used to think highly of Sony’s LCD HDTVs, but I’ve since given up on the failing conglomerate’s screens and hopped onboard the LG train. LG makes great screens. I really like 55LE8500 I picked up last year and unless LG starts stinking it up with their screens, I’ll continue to keep them in the running.

So it shouldn’t be much of surprise to know that I’m very much looking forward to LG’s 55″ OLED effort. The styling is elegant with its 1 mm bezel and that “Magic Remote” with its motion controls, built-in mic and trackball would make me pause for a second and rethink my Logitech Harmony strategy.

Samsung also announced their own 55″ OLED screen, but like LG they have yet to announce pricing. If you’re waiting for Sony, you may be waiting awhile as they’ve pulled out of the consumer OLED game.

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