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Ace Attorney 5 & HD Remakes Announced

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Ace Attorney 5 and Ace Attorney 123HD were announced yesterday.

No platforms were announced for the fifth Ace Attorney game, but the HD remakes were confirmed for iOS and Android platforms. Good. For Japan at least.

No word on a North American release and based on what we’ve received thus far from Capcom, I’m a bit worried. Check the list of games that have yet to be announced for North America:

  • Ghost Trick for iOS
  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2
  • Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney

I don’t care if they don’t bring Ace Attorney Investigations 2 over (I didn’t enjoy the original). As for Ghost Trick for North American iOS devices? It would be nice, but not necessary because it’s already out on the Nintendo DS. The Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover game however, I would be greatly saddened if it doesn’t make it over the Pacific.

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