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The Intel 520 SSD: Sandforce & Reliability

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intel_logo.pngOCZ Vertex 3 and other Sandforce SF-2281 solid state drives are amongst the fastest in the market, but they all share the undesirable trait of being unreliable.

Intel decided to change that by putting their engineers on the Sandforce problem and came up with a solid state drive that’s not only fast, but also reliable. The Intel 520 drives are very impressive, but they’re also very expensive. It’s $149.99 for the Intel 520 60GB drive while an OCZ Vertex 3 60GB retails for about $114.99 CAD after mail-in-rebate over at NCIX.

I’m still rocking with my OCZ Vertex 2 60GB and have no intention to upgrade yet, but it’s good to know that this market is improving on speed and reliability.

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