» » » FYI: Jet Set Radio, Massive BF3 Patch Coming

FYI: Jet Set Radio, Massive BF3 Patch Coming

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  • Massive Battlefield 3 patch detailed — release date unknown (via Battlefield Blog)
  • Jet Set Radio PSN/XBLA release teased (via Sega Blog)
  • NBA Elite is dead; NBA Live is set to return (via GamaSutra)

The list of changes for that upcoming Battlefield 3 patch is impressive and cannot come soon enough. Balance changes are nice, but I hope they address the numerous bugs and glitches as well.

I played Jet Set Radio quite a bit on my Dreamcast. It was stylish and simple to pick up, but I didn’t like the controls. It didn’t always register my spray paint commands. I blamed the Dreamcast controller and the game back then, but with the PSN/XBLA release, one of those culprits/excuses will be axed –that is if I decide to pick it up.

It’s good to see EA get back into making NBA basketball games after NBA Elite died a horrible death a couple of years ago. I hope the time off yields some amazing results for them because competition is a good thing. We can’t have the NBA 2K series run around uncontested. Having the Madden games rule all of football is enough.

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