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The New iPad

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Gone are the days where we are speculating what Apple will be calling their iPads. Like with their Macs and MacBook lines, from now on we will be referring to them as iPad <insert year here>.

It’s a smart move because they can now relieve themselves from the expectations of numerical increases. Remember the hoopla over iPhone 4S vs 5? Well now they don’t have to worry about iPad 2013 being a minor specifications bump or not including the cure for the common cold.

I pre-ordered one. A white 16GB Wi-fi only model should be enough, even if it’s just 14GB of actual space left over. That’s actually 1GB more than what an Xbox 360 20GB hard drive gives you after its formatting and junk. I’ll be streaming most of my media anyways.

The new iPad’s specifications line up with the rumors quite well.

  • The screen resolution is 2048 x 1536
  • The processor is dual-core and quad-core; dual-core CPU with a quad-core GPU
  • It is heavier and a bit thicker than iPad 2, but it’s understandable when you consider the battery size required to keep all of this tech running for a rated 10 hours
  • The camera was improved. It’s not 8MP, but at 5MP and being called an “iSight” camera has to better than what was included in the predecessor
  • No idea how much memory is in this thing, but I’ll be shocked if it’s less than 1GB

I’m most curious as to how Apple is handling the increased screen resolution and performance of their applications. Not everything is going to run at native resolution. What kind of scaling are they doing here and how robust is it? How will old iPad apps look?

Being able to maintain 10 hours is impressive and I hope that they’ll be within reaching distance of that mark in real world testing.

With the improved camera, I expect to be taking more pictures of random things with the iPad and looking goofy as hell doing it.

I was quite disappointed by the fact that Apple didn’t change the iPad or Apple TV pricing along with their refresh. They did it for the Macbook Air 2011 when I bought it, so I was hoping to see the price adjusted with the iPad 2012. I hate knowing that I’m spending $20 more than the Americans when our dollars are so close.

Waiting starts now…

Regardless, I’ve placed my order and the waiting begins. I’ll be happy to get the iPad in my hands by March 24. I’ll be getting a Smart Cover at BestBuy by use of gift certificates and I’ll indulge in a new Apple TV at a later date. I’ve spent enough money today.

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