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Flixel – Cinemagraphs Made Easy

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Cinemagraphs are neat. But the effort required to stitch one together can be pretty daunting which is why an app like Flixel is intriguing to me. I can make my own dumb cinemagraphs like the one pictured above within seconds thanks to this iOS app.

I used the camera built in my iPad (2012) to make that image above. The quality isn’t great, but I’m not sure if it’s an app, camera or photographer problem. I’m guessing all three did their part, but I’m laying more the blame on the iPad’s camera.

There are other apps out there like Cinemagram that offer a more refined and prettier interface. I tried Cinemagram, but found their “animation tool” a bit cumbersome and too “harsh”. The boundary between photo and animation was very noticeable with that app. Flixel was a bit more seamless.

Obviously the quality of cinemagraphs produced with these apps aren’t going to match the ones created by skilled individuals, but for the common folk like myself? It will suffice.

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