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Captivate 2012 Trailers

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Another year, another Captivate event held by Capcom. This year’s event held very few surprises. A new Darkstalkers game wasn’t announced and we certainly didn’t see anything Mega Man related.

Capcom did shed more light on their upcoming Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games with a couple of showy trailers.

Resident Evil 6

The reveal Wesker Jr. and the confirmation of Sherry Birkin were nice little surprises, but for anxious fans, the new release date of October 2, 2012.


I have to agree with the optimists here: the new Devil May Cry game looks pretty good. At the very least it looks superior to Ninja Gaiden 3.

I guess there was actually one surprise, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a pleasant one. They announced Lost Planet 3.

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