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I’ve Been Ignoring Windows 8

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windows-logoEvery time I restart my computer, I’m reminded that I have the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on it. I’m also reminded with the fact that I’m not using it at all.

Some of the reasons as to why I’m not using it more extensively can be found here, but there are other reasons why it remains unused. The primary reason is games. I don’t want to sacrifice performance by running on beta drivers on a beta operating system. The other reason (as I alluded to in my original impressions post) is the lack of consistency between the two interfaces.

Microsoft is trying to remedy that problem by discarding Aero Glass — which I’m for since it’s looking really tacky these days — but I don’t know if it’s enough to ease the transition between the two. I guess I’ll have to give it a test drive during the Release Preview which was apparently leaked and should be avoided.

Hopefully the official release preview will muster more hype for me.

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