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E3 2012: Day 1 – Microsoft Edition

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e3-logoI caught most of Microsoft’s press conference live today. They didn’t shock the world with many surprises, but I was impressed by what they showed.

Here are some of my personal highlights:

Halo 4 (360)
Release date: November 6, 2012

Tomb Raider (PS3, 360, PC)
Release date: March 5, 2013

Resident Evil 6 (PS3, 360, PC)
Release date: October 2, 2012 for consoles, unknown date for PC

I still have two of those 3 titles pre-ordered from FutureShop’s E3 2011 promotion. I’m actually quite impressed with Halo 4 visually. It reminds me of Metroid Prime which is a fine property to mimic.

Tomb Raider continued to look promising but I am finding Lara’s shift in demeanour between “action” mode and “peril” mode to be a bit jarring. She sees like too much of a bad ass in one and too much of a wuss in the other.

Resident Evil 6. It looks action oriented and I guess I’m fine with that now. If it’s a fun co-op experience, I’m okay with it. Just don’t expect me to be there on day one.

There was actually one other piece of Microsoft’s conference that I was impressed with and that was their SmartGlass initiative. It’s part Wii U, a bit like AirPlay and if it actually takes off like Microsoft wants, it could be quite useful.

SmartGlass & Entertainment

SmartGlass & Games

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