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2007 – 2012: My PlayStation 3 60GB

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My first PlayStation 3 bit the dust yesterday. I had retired it last year after fan noise and power consumption concerns and it hasn’t been used until yesterday.

I tried to update the system firmware to try out the Dead or Alive 5 demo but it struggled to update and then eventually just died with the “Yellow Light of Death”. I had to rip it open to retrieve the Ninja Gaiden 3 disc that I wrongly believed housed the Dead or Alive 5 demo. I don’t know if it’s the power supply or the actual mainboard itself and I don’t think I’ll go down the path of trying to restore it.

I’m just going to let it rest in peace and consider reopening the sucker at a later date.

I actually opened up the carcass by memory and dove right into opening up the Blu-ray drive blind. It wasn’t all that difficult but if you need a guide, here’s an excellent one by iFixit.

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