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FYI: iPhone 5 & Wii U Announcements


iPhone 5 coming September 21st (via Apple)

  • 4″ screen
  • Thinner & lighter
  • New “Lightning” connector
  • Includes revised “EarBuds”
  • Starts at $699.99 CAD ($50 more than iPhone 4S)  for the 16GB model

New iPod Touch w/ taller screen announced

New iPod Nano w/ touch screen announced

Wii U announced for November 18th (via Nintendo)

  • Two bundles which include gamepad, HDMI cable, AC adapters
  • Basic bundle costs $299.99
    • White console w/ 8GB flash memory
  • Deluxe bundle costs $349.99
    • Black console w/ 32GB flash memory
    • NintendoLand
    • Console & gamepad stands
Nintendo’s “Second Screen Experience” dubbed Nintendo TVii announced
  • Controlling TV and movie experience with the Wii U’s gamepad

Bayonetta 2 announced exclusively for Wii U

  • Published by Nintendo
  • Developed by Platinum Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops II announced for Wii U


New Super Mario Bros. U Trailer

Nintendo TVii

I tried to watch/read/follow the Apple press conference but I couldn’t appreciate it because of the sudden illness that struck me on that morning. The world was spinning and not in a cool way.

That’s not say there was anything mind blowing about the new iPhone 5. The leaks and natural evolution of smartphone technology already hinted heavily at what we should expect.

Will I get one? No idea yet. I don’t have the clear head to make that kind of financial decision yet.

I watched the Nintendo Direct press conference today. It was alright. They got the important info out of the way early which was a nice change of pace. The $300/$350 price point wasn’t surprising; it was realistic.

It would be surprising if that price point remains throughout the 2013 holiday season. I suspect they’ll lower the price to $250/$300 in holiday 2013 in an attempt to crash the next generation console launches.

The biggest surprise for me was the unveiling of Bayonetta 2 — coming exclusively for the Wii U. The fact that it’s published by Nintendo also brings into question of the possibility of it ever landing on any other platform.

Will I get one on launch day? The answer is no. Not for the price they’re asking. I can see myself picking one up in holiday 2013 though but we shall see.

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