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All Monitors Should Employ Panel Self Refresh

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I keep forgetting to talk about this piece of technology that I read in AnandTech’s excellent Haswell architecture write-up.

It’s called “Panel Self Refresh” and I’ll quote Anand who described it best:

One solution is PSR. By including a little bit of DRAM on the panel itself, the display could store a copy of the frame buffer. In the event that nothing was changing on the screen, you could put the entire platform to sleep and refresh the panel by looping the same frame data stored in the panel’s DRAM. The power savings would be tremendous as it’d allow your entire notebook/tablet/whatever to enter a virtual off state. You could get even more creative and start doing selective PSR where only parts of the display are updated and the rest remain in self-refresh mode (e.g. following a cursor, animating a live tile, etc…).

It sounds ingenious but will it operate in practice? Intel demonstrated the technology at their “Intel Developer Forum” last year.

Ingenious. I wonder when Apple will employ this idea because we all know they’re the most willing when it comes to adopting technologies that will give them a competitive edge.

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