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18 minute Fuse Progress Update by Ted Price

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So here’s an 18 minute walkthrough of Fuse (the game formerly known as Overstrike) by Mr. Insomniac Games himself, Ted Price.

I like the characters that they’ve re-introduced in this but I do prefer the more over-the-top characters of the original Overstrike debut trailer.

To me, the characters in the Overstrike trailer were reminiscent The Incredibles. These Fuse characters by comparison appear to tame and watered down.

I like the gameplay ideas Ted talked up in the walkthrough but this entire video was overly long for what they showed. They should have cut the backstory segments into a separate video and they certainly didn’t need to spend so much time fleshing out the progression system. It’s a progression system; it’s a staple of games now.

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