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Disney Acquires LucasFilm

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If you haven’t heard already, Disney — the owner of both Marvel and Pixar — are now also owners of LucasFilm and all the assets that come with that name. That includes Industrial Light & Magic, Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties.

Here’s an interview with George Lucas detailing his reasons for the sale and his intentions for his most notable property.

Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015? And more films in two to three year intervals? A new trilogy that will finally complete the trilogy of trilogies. George Lucas’ involvement in all of this will be as a “creative consultant”.

I’m not for or against this move and I’m not particularly interested in what the new trilogy will bring. I am, however, interested in Star Wars 1313 and its future.

Apparently for the time being, the Star Wars 1313 project (and all LucasArts projects) are proceeding like “business as usual“. However, from now on LucasArts will be focusing on casual and mobile titles. They are willing to license out Star Wars to other studios who wish to create something a bit more substantive on consoles though.

I was initially surprised by the sale — specifically the $4.05 billion price tag. It’s actually $3 billion less than what Disney paid for Pixar and approximately the same price they paid for Marvel. Whoever is setting up these deals for Disney is quite the bargainer.

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