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Wii Mini Announced

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Nintendo’s Wii Mini will cost you $99.99 and will most likely make Nintendo a healthy profit. This red and black box was made for offline Wii games. They stripped out network connectivity and Gamecube backward’s compatibility. And unless there’s a USB or SD card slot somewhere, piracy may be curbed with this box.

There have been some kerfuffles being stirred up over the two key omissions though. Backwards compatibility with the GameCube was already omitted in the more recent revisions of the Wii so that’s just not a valid complaint against the Wii Mini. As for the internet connectivity? When was the last time that you used the Wii’s internet connectivity?

If you omit the Virtual Console and only wish to play Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda and the Last Story, this isn’t too shabby. I think a $79.99 price tag would make more sense though.

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