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New Fuse trailer showcases promise

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That wasn’t too bad. There was more color this time around and the game’s strength, the characters, were given more limelight. I am disappointed by the lack of inspiration with their levels and backdrops though. There’s a disconnect between the generic backdrops and lighthearted characters. This┬ádichotomy is something that I feel they could rectify in a sequel but I have a gut feeling it won’t warrant that.

I continue to follow Fuse’s media campaign despite the surrounding negativity. I don’t intend to purchase this outside of a steep sale but I am fascinated by Insomniac’s first third party effort. It’s a game that continues displease Insomniac fans, so I am very curious how/if Insomniac turns it around.

Fuse debuts March 2013 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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