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Wear the skins of the Megaman

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If you were a fan of Megaman and his 8-bit shenanigans then you’ve been served with Megaman 9 and 10. I am a fan of Megaman X, so I haven’t been served with a game like that in almost a decade.

But most of us aren’t looking for 8-bit releases, cameos and awful looking iOS re-releases. We’re looking for something to play on our consoles that doesn’t rely on nostalgia. We’re looking for a proper effort like the ones they put forth in Street Fighter IV or Marvel vs Capcom 3. Hell, I would even take an attempt like Resident Evil 5 or 6 at this point — at least we would know Capcom acknowledges that he’s alive and not relegate him to a virtual clothing line.

It’s like Megaman died in secret and Capcom is desperately trying to cover it up with these dumb efforts.

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