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Checkpoint: Wacky Winter Edition


It’s been a weird week for weather around here. Started out freezing cold — -22 C type of cold — and then it was warm again. Then there was rain and now there’s a blizzard. Tomorrow should be the beginning of a heat wave if this nonsense keeps up.

The NeoGAF game of the year polls closed last night and the results are up. I threw in my votes and it turns out my top three aligned with the GAF collective’s. I haven’t finished XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet but it’s pretty damn good.

However I’m not impressed by the results themselves. I’m far more impressed by how all that data was scrubbed, moulded and displayed. It could be prettier with more charts and graphs but the raw statistics themselves is still fascinating.

I continue to invest more time into Mechwarrior Online. There’s just so much nuance to it and I’m coming away from every match a little bit more educated. And since there’s just SO much emphasis on team tactics, I never feel like the domino which causes the whole thing to come crashing down. Or maybe I just haven’t developed awareness for that yet.

It’s the final set of playoff games before the Superbowl. If all goes according to plan, the New England Patriots will making another appearance in the big game. So I should just post this and hope for the best.

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