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Checkpoint: Superbowl XLVII Edition


I shall get the prediction out of the way first. I think the San Francisco 49ers will take Superbowl XLVII in a close 27 – 24 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s been a quiet weekend. It started with me contemplating on whether or not to buy a new video card. I was looking at the Geforce GTX 660 (~$215), the Geforce GTX 660 Ti (~$250) & the AMD Radeon HD 7850 (~$190). All of these would offer a sizeable increase in performance for me.

The rule that I set out in 2010 stated that I will upgrade if the new video card will “offer at least 200% increase in performance for $200 or less (after taxes)”. I can drop the “taxes” part of that rule and pick up a Radeon HD 7850. So why am I hesitant? Why did I decide to buy a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer instead? Because of this.

I don’t want a repeat of 2005. I don’t to pick up a new video card now and have it sit unused a few months later because I decided to pick up a PlayStation 4. I’m not hurting for a new video card. I can still pull 30+ FPS in Mechwarrior Online but there’s always the occasional slowdown here and there that reminds me that this is an old card.

I’ve invested 20+ hours into XCOM already and I’m coasting towards victory. I need to develop some psionic soldiers but all the countries under my watchful eye are showing green. I’m trying to wrap it up but there’s this free-to-play mech game that keeps eating away at my time.

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