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Sony No Longer Working With SuperBot Entertainment

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playstationlogoSuperBot Entertainment — the developer behind Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Smash
Bros. — is no longer working with Sony. The remaining DLC plans are being handled by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio who seem to have their hand in everything Sony related these days.

I thought PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was a soulless and extremely short lived title. I received a free copy of the PS Vita version and could not muster more than half a day’s worth of enjoyment from it. Playing Smash Bros. evoke nostalgic feelings and I often learn a thing or two behind the characters and cameos Nintendo chose to include.

I hope SuperBot Entertainment continues developing fighting games in the future. Even if the presentation was lacking, they did well by the mechanics. If they were given a second chance, I’m sure they would have learned from their mistakes.


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