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Checkpoint: The Future is Nigh Edition


February 20th is just around the corner. For those who don’t know, that is when Sony will announce the successor to the PlayStation 3. The event will be held in New York and it will be live streamed for the world to see. What and how much they will show is up for debate but to say the hype is palpable would be an understatement.

Sony released a couple of retrospective hype videos of their own. They are not comprehensive but they’re enough to give you an idea what their previous consoles were all about.

I’m not too curious about the hardware anymore thanks to rumors — we even know what the development controller looks like. With that in mind I don’t foresee many surprises outside of the actual console itself.

So how is my new Radeon HD 7850? It didn’t make my Mechwarrior Online experience that much better. Some effects are prettier, the framerate is better if I left some options on medium and I did turn on some post processed anti-aliasing but none of it is earth shattering. I am sure other games will benefit more from this bump in graphic’s hardware.

I played a lot of Mechwarrior Online this weekend because those evil geniuses at PGI gave away one day’s worth of “Premium” time. In a free to play game, it’s the equivalent to crack. Once I got a taste of “bonus XP and credits”, it was hard to resist the temptation to buy more of it. But I refused and decided to indulge in some long stints instead.

I want to give them money but there’s really nothing I would like at the moment. If they put out some lucrative “Founders-esque” program again, I’d buy in. But for now, I will wait.

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