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Checkpoint: Social Networking Edition


I received my extra copy of Metal Gear Rising and decided to give it away via GameDealsCanada. I would also like to use it as way to raise awareness of GameDealsCanada but I don’t want to be that asshole who begs for Likes and Followers.

“Reach x followers and I’ll give out a copy of Metal Gear Rising”.

What’s the value of “x” though? Is asking for an additional 500 followers too much? What about GameDealsCanada’s Facebook and Google+ pages? Will those people be S.O.L? It’s no secret that I prefer Twitter but not everyone shares my preference which is why I put GameDealsCanada across multiple social networks. What will happen if it takes like 3 months to reach the value of “x”? I wish to celebrate milestones but I don’t want to manipulate it like that.

So what’s the solution? I searched for ideas but I ran into the slimiest ad riddled websites out there. These people have no shame and I guess that’s the path towards success. I try not to beg for followers/likes/+’s. I don’t like when other accounts request them so why should I? I am a fan of contests though.

I considered creating a dedicated page for people but I rather not force them to have to register or fill out forms. It should be extremely low effort for a potential high reward. I guess my only option is to create a post across the three social networks and have people Like, ReTweet and +1 it. Hopefully these social networks reliably track who acknowledged it so I can randomly pick a winner.

How will I decide which social network to pick from? I will tally up the ReTweets, Likes and +1’s and pick a number. The order of social networks will be in the order of creation. So I will start with Twitter and end with Google+. If there are 300 RTs, 20 Likes and 5 +1s and I pick “124” then it would be within the Twitter pool. If a person is involved with all three social networks, he or she will have a higher chance to win. To make it easier for myself and even more “random” I will randomly pick from the pool as well.

This is the best solution I could come up with that treats all three social networks fairly. I also don’t feel like scum bag which is a bonus for me.

I continue to pick at Rayman Origins by playing a level or two a day. Most of my time is spent playing MechWarrior Online. In fact I’m going to go play some of it right now.

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