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John Riccitiello Says Goodbye to EA

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ea-logo.pngDid John know the writing was on the wall and walk out on his own? Or was he allowed to retire to save face? These are the things you ponder when a CEO resigns.

Mr. Riccitiello wrote a nice enough resignation letter and could not have left at a lower point. The SimCity fiasco is still bubbling and, as he stated, a poor financial report card is just around the corner

I remember the former CEO’s efforts earlier in his tenure as CEO. He tried to change the image of Electronic Arts by greenlighting many new franchises like Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space and Army of Two. Then when those investments didn’t pan out, they slowly returned to their old habits and only pushed forward with safe projects in safe directions. (Where’s Mirror’s Edge 2?)

I hope EA’s next CEO will follow a similar path but find a happier ending.

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