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Puppeteer’s Release Date & Pricing Announced

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I highlight Puppeteer for its unique charms but I would also like to point out its $39.99 price tag. This isn’t the first time Sony Computer Entertainment priced its titles appropriately but with the the PlayStation 4 around the corner, I would like to see Sony continue this trend.

Overpricing titles diminishes sales and hype. The list of games that I’ve passed over at $59.99 is tremendous. I say to myself: “I’ll pick it up later when it goes on sale.” But then some other title debuts and it goes on sale and I decide to pick that up instead. This happened with Catherine.

Yes, $39.99 is a nice price for Puppeteer. But I’m going to wait for $19.99. I see the game dropping in price by year’s end.

Puppeteer debuts on September 10th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3.

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