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LucasArts Closes; Star Wars 1313 Cancelled

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LucasArts is no more. Disney decided to shutdown the publisher and developer and focus on licensing out Star Wars rather than develop games for it internally. As a result Star Wars 1313 was cancelled. There’s a chance that the game could resurface with another developer or publisher but since one of the hooks of the project was LucasArts and their partnership with Industrial Light & Magic, I doubt it could work out.

I can’t say I’m going to miss LucasArts because I didn’t grow up playing their games. I know them for their Star Wars games and that’s it. Star Wars: Republic Commando was a fun title but that was a long time ago. As for Star Wars: Force Unleashed? It did not look very appealing to me at all.  Star Wars 1313 was the only LucasArts developed Star Wars game that I was excited for prior to release.

Judging by their recent track record, I guess it makes sense for Disney fold the studio.

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