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Checkpoint: Involuntary Purge Edition


My 2TB Seagate drive died on Friday. I had no idea it was on its way out and I lost a bunch of movies, music and game backups. My most important documents were backed up but it was still a bummer to discover all that data was lost.

These involuntary purges are not welcomed but they I don’t mind them. We’re all digital hoarders and the occasional purge is sometimes necessary to save space and put things into perspective.

  1. Did I back up enough?
  2. Did I really need all that stuff?
  3. Why did I buy that Seagate hard drive?

This also reignited the research initiative for my future home server with VMWare ESXi. Will it work out? I have no idea until I try real hardware. In the meantime, I have installed ESXi 5.1 on a Oracle VirtualBox VM. I’m trying to install FreeNAS on the ESXi install but I’m encountering issues with the installation.

I will continue test this virtual setup but it could ultimately be for my own amusement as VMWare ESXi and the ASUS P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi/AP motherboard will undoubtedly have compatibility issues. Th

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