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Rumor: Windows 8.1 will bring back the Start Button

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windows-8-logoWindows 8.1 or Windows Blue is a major Windows 8 coming later this year. Think of it as a service pack but with additional apps, functionality and spans multiple platforms.

Of course it will also include fixes addressing unintentional bugs and perhaps even some design snafus. The omission of the Start button to launch the Start screen was quite the blunder. That simple omission caused a lot of confusion for people but it’s good to hear that Microsoft is considering putting it back.

I am also pleased to hear that Microsoft isn’t abandoning the idea of the Start screen. I’m not a huge fan of it but there’s promise in its implementation and I’m glad Microsoft took the chance to try something new. Don’t regress!

If people don’t like the Start Screen and the Modern UI, then stick with Windows 7. It’s still viable. It may reach end of life before Windows 8 but Microsoft haven’t announced a date for that yet. I also want Microsoft to keep the Start Screen so that people who are fed up with it and modern Windows will consider other operating systems. Diversity and competition is a good thing.

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