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Checkpoint: Backlog Spring 2013 Edition


The next brand new title on its way to me is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon courtesy of AMD’s Never Settle Reloaded program. It will be the third and final freebie title that accompanied my Radeon HD 7850 1GB.

Now that I wrapped up BioShock: Infinite to much satisfaction, it’s time to check the backlog. I revisited Rayman: Origins again in order to wrap up some missing trophies but I want to play something new as well. I’m juggling Super Mario 3D Land and MechWarrior: Online as well but what’s the next big game?

God of War: Ascension? Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Those are still considered “new releases” right? I also have Persona 4: Arena and Golden sitting on my shelf, not to mention Luigi’s Mansion hiding somewhere around here as well.

So many games too little time.

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