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NVIDIA’s Shield Priced To Not Move

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Remember NVIDIA’s Project Shield? That horrendous looking Android handheld that can also stream Steam games finally has a price: it can be yours for just $349.99.

That’s $100 more than a PlayStation Vita and $150 more than a Nintendo 3DS. It is cheaper than a spec comparable smartphone or tablet but that’s not something I would want to bring out in public.

So what does $349.99 get you? A handheld that can play the “hottest” Android games powered by one of the fastest (if not the fastest) SoC on the market today. If Android games doesn’t float your boat, there’s always a plethora of PC games that you can stream via your NVIDIA GeForce GTX video card.

This is one hell of a niche product for that price.

For those who have cash burning in their wallets, pre-orders open May 20th.

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