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The Geforce GTX 770 is out

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Here’s the latest $400 video card by NVIDIA. AnandTech ran benchmarks against it and slots in comfortably on the pricing scale. I’m not too excited about this video card itself. It is more-or-less an overclocked GTX 680. I am intrigued by the latest software bundled with this card and all Geforce cards.

The Geforce Experience sounds amazing on paper. It promises to automatically update NVIDIA’s video card drivers and optimize the latest video games for your Geforce video card.

Again, it sounds great in theory but since I don’t own a Geforce card, I cannot test it out. But I guess this kind of software is better than nothing. Most games aren’t smart enough to adjust to the video card they detect, so this kind of hand tuned software should be a significant plus for who don’t wish to fuss over tessellation options.

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