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A Video Preview of Windows 8.1

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They may be demoing Windows 8.1 on the Surface but many of the changes Microsoft are introducing in this video are applicable to the desktop.

They’re fixing the search presentation by showing all results without forcing me to switch between categories.

They’re trying to make the Start Screen and desktop switching less jarring by allowing the same desktop and Start Screen wallpaper. It’s a small detail but it should have been there on day one. They didn’t highlight it but you can even see the Start button on the desktop as well.

Even though I’m not going to use a heavy user of the Start Screen interface, it’s good to see the inclusion of more icon sizes and the ability to resize the multitasking window.

It sounds like Microsoft was listening to the complaints from its users and are acting on them with Windows 8.1. I just hope they haven’t scared off too many people with their initial release.

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