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Speccing the 2013 PC

intel_logo.pngI’ve been pondering over this build ever since my home server’s hard drive went belly up. I decided on a case, cooling solution and the amount of memory late last year. Now with Intel’s Haswell processors and accompanying chipsets have been unveiled, it’s time to pick the final pieces.

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4670
  • Motherboard: ASUS H87I-PLUS
  • Memory: 2 x 8GB DDR-1600
  • Case: BitFenix Prodigy (White)
  • Cooling: Swiftech H220
  • Power Supply: SeaSonic G Series SSR-550RM

And that’s it. I will be transferring existing storage disks and graphics options from other PCs.

I wanted an Intel Core i5 4670S but that seems to be impossible to obtain through retail channels. I also considered choosing an Intel Core i7 4770S but I couldn’t justify the $100 increase.

I settled with the Intel Core i5 4670 in order to keep VT-x and VT-d options. I gave up overclocking for flexibility and I don’t mind it. This computer’s future as a server will be better served with virtualization options than a clockspeed increases.

I have already purchased the memory and I’m closing in on the purchase of other parts. However,  I think I’ll wait for NCIX’s sales refresh on Wednesday, just in case.

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