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Checkpoint: No More Office Edition


I own a copy of Office 2010 for my PC and Office 2011 for my Mac. These may be the last versions of Office I will ever own. I started to use Google Drive/Docs for my one of my documents and it is a surprisingly functional experience.

I started to use it to track my new PC build and I just love the convenience of being able access the document anywhere. I am also able to manipulate the spreadsheet just like it was a basic Excel document. I would even say it was a more pleasant experience compared to Office Mac 2011’s version of Excel.

I have yet to install my copy of Office 2010 on my Windows 8 machine and I may forgo it. Google’s offerings seem to cover my basic needs well enough. I haven’t tried to create anything fancy or remotely professional yet but I have feeling they will be up to the task.

I do wonder why Microsoft and Apple leave all of this to the likes of Google. I would gladly use Office 365 or iWorks if it were freely available or supported with some non-intrusive ads. It seems silly for them to allow Google to attract more and more people into their ecosystems.

I’m still tinkering away with Fire Emblem: Awakening and Persona 4: Arena. I haven’t been able to play much of either thanks to the NBA Finals.

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