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The Road to the PS4

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Lead system architect Mark Cerny gave a presentation about the PlayStation 4 and how it all came together. It’s an interesting tale and one that is inspirational to those who work in large organizations. Eventually, through patience and partnerships, the right individuals will eventually end up in a position of power and can influence change.

Skip to the 2:35 mark.

Mark Cerny took the stage during the big PlayStation 4 reveal in February but I only knew of his name. I heard of the man but I wasn’t quite sure how the man who programmed Marble Madness ended up as system architect. Since then I familiarized myself with Mark Cerny’s impressive history in the videogames industry.

The “Road to the PS4” presentation was a good summation but for those who wish to learn more about Mr. Cerny, check out the Game Changers interview and Mr. Cerny’s presentation on “The Method“.

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