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Rest in peace, Ryan Davis.

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Today GiantBomb announced the death of co-founder, host and all around awesome dude, Ryan Davis. It was a shocking announcement and one that genuinely saddened me.

Jeff and Ryan were the top brass of GiantBomb. They were a duo that I thought would be together until the end of GiantBomb. Ryan Davis was a natural host. He brought laughter and entertainment to every piece of media he was involved in. Whether it was the podcast,  video quick looks or live streams, he always brought a smile to my face. To me and many others, he was the face and voice of Giant Bomb.

I’m going to miss his greetings across all those things.

Amazingly because of his life in front of the camera and a mic, much of Ryan will live on forever. If we ever wanted a laugh, we could always dive into YouTube and relive a hilarious Ryan moment.

Now if you would excuse me, I’m going to check out some fun moments featuring Mr. Davis. You will be missed, dude.

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