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EA’s FY2014 Q1 Earnings’ Musings

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  • $222 million in net income.
  • 4 million Battlefield 3 Premium owners.
  • $298 million in revenue for PC

These three points were my takeaways from EA’s latest financials and they’re quite telling.

Electronic Arts is making money

When a large publisher is making money, that’s a good thing. Even if you hate their guts for what they’ve done to your favorite franchise, their profitability bodes well for the industry.

4 million can’t be wrong?

That’s going to be EA’s takeaway from their Battlefield 3 Premium program. I totally expect them to double down on this DLC program with Battlefield 4. I will continue to not support it though.

$298 million reasons why PC is important

Origin? FIFA Online? Whatever the case may be, the PC brought in more money for EA than the PS3 and Xbox 360 for this quarter. It didn’t bring in more than the two of them combined but that’s still a sizeable amount of revenue.

I wonder what this will tell EA though. Will they continue to only to funnel their games through Origin? Or will they finally put them on Steam as well?

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