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Project Logan: 8800GTX Power for 2 – 3 W

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Check out this GeForce 8800 Ultra “Human Head” demo. Soak it in and appreciate what NVIDIA’s best had to offer in November of 2006.

Now check out Project Logan’s Mobile Kepler demo of “Ira”.

That is modern graphics rendering techniques coupled with a 2 watt GPU. If NVIDIA’s demonstrations are to be believed, Project Logan will be extremely impressive.

Project Logan is aimed squarely for the mobile space. We should be seeing these chips in larger smartphones and tablets some time in 2014.

NVIDIA is making these Kepler GPUs available to whomever wants to pay them. They’re trying to court Apple but until NVIDIA can deliver product in a timely matter, I’m afraid Apple and other manufacturers will be sticking with what works and that includes the likes of PowerVR.

I’m pleased with the fact that we can apply the age old question, “Can it run Crysis?” to mobile graphics and actually reply with a promising answer.

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