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Xbox One Unboxed, Clarified & More

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As launch day draws near, more details come into focus including what’s in the box. Microsoft’s Major Nelson have stepped up and put up the world’s first Xbox One unboxing video.

It’s good to know that they’ve included a 4K suitable HDMI cable and a gaming headset. Microsoft’s initial plans asked players to rely on the Kinect sensor’s microphone for their chatting needs. If you weren’t content with that, there was a standalone headset that you could buy.

Other details concerning the Xbox One’s Game DVR and TV Guide have surfaced as well. The Game DVR will record at 720p30 aka modern day YouTube friendly resolution and framerate. And unfortunately both the will be locked behind Xbox Live! Gold which could not be more idiotic. Sharing game footage is free advertising, Microsoft.

Sony confirmed that their video sharing functionality will not be behind PlayStation Plus. Their capture specifications were not confirmed yet but Sony did upload a 1080p30 video of Killzone: Shadow Fall during their initial reveal.


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