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Thanks but no thanks, Watch_Dogs

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Before I watched this trailer, I would have given Watch_Dogs a whiff of consideration. After watching — especially after 1:27 — I was completely turned off by Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming title.

I have absolutely no confidence in Ubisoft Montreal’s abilities to create an open world game that isn’t just filled with stuff to liberate or unlock. View points, guard towers, outposts and now data centers.

Why would a city require multiple data centers is bewildering but let’s ignore that. Let’s focus on their need to even need something like this. Why do they need to block out areas , or in the case of Watch_Dogs, restrict the player’s abilities unless they perform some busy work.

It’s going to take some serious convincing by Ubisoft Montreal or a substantial length of time to pass before I even consider playing one of their open world games again.

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