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Games for Windows Live! shutting down in 2014

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microsoftSo this may have been an inadvertent posting by Microsoft but its been a long time coming. Microsoft is planning to end Games for Windows Live! on July 1st, 2014. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who have kept tabs on PC gaming for the last several years.

The earliest indication of its eventual demise was the slowed releases of the Games for Windows client. Then Microsoft funnelled the Games for Windows store into the Xbox Games store. And finally, just last week, Microsoft announced the end of the Xbox Games PC store.

I’m guessing Microsoft didn’t want that information out in the public yet because they probably haven’t prepped the grand F.A.Q. that will describe what will happen to all our games that use Games for Windows or their Games for Windows Live online service.

There were rumors that some titles are shifting their DRM to Steamworks in preparation of this day. It’s good to know that those developers and publishers are looking out for their consumers but what will happen to the games that won’t be updated? Is there a grand kill switch? Only time will tell.


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