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PlayStation 4 launches on Nov. 15

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Well it is official, the PlayStation 4 will debut on November 15, 2013.

The date isn’t a surprise. Everyone knows consoles debut before Black Friday and this year, that means before November 29th.

This year’s Gamescom was chock full news for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Let’s start with Microsoft’s announcements:

Microsoft confirmed over 20 launch games but no launch date. I presume they were waiting for Sony to make their move before committing to a date of their own.

Next it was EA which showed off a couple of trailers that I thought were just amazing.


Battlefield 4

Sony’s event was filled to the brim with console exclusive indie games, feature reveals and gameplay trailers. There was a lot of stuff unveiled, so I’ll just point you over to the PlayStation.Blog.

Some of my favorite trailers were of inFamous: Second Son, Rime and the Chinese Room’s new game, “Everyone has gone to Rapture”. Unfortunately I cannot find trailers for the latter two though, so enjoy inFamous: Second Son.

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