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Lads & lasses: The Nintendo 2DS

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My gut reaction was: this is thing looks dumb.

Then I saw the price, the release date of October 12th — it’s the same day as Pokemon X and Y — and it all clicked into place. This 2DS is aimed squarely at the kids in the back of mom’s SUV. It’s aimed at little Davey and his brother who may snap a Nintendo 3DS’ screen hinge while arguing who gets to play Pokemon next.

It’s not supposed to supplant the Nintendo 3DS and it’s not a Nintendo 3DS Lite. For $129.99, this is an easy gift for kids and Nintendo was in the right to bring it out.

It has its issues, like the unnecessary division of the screen and the fact that a few games like The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks require you to close the lid of your “handheld” but those are minor issues when you consider the price.

The price may be only $40 less than the original Nintendo 3DS but that’s the price of a game and that may just be enough to sway a budget conscious parent. They could have lit the holiday season a blaze at $99.99 though.

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